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Crossing the Waters: Review for Tyndale Book Publishers

514brbz7el1Crossing the Waters
By Leslie Leyland Fields

This book is a very interesting read! It is a book that will capture the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.

Many of us have a difficult time to follow Jesus through all the storms of our lives. Through the stories contained in this book, the author shows us how to do that, one story at a time.

Leslie Leyland Fields is a fisherwoman in real life. So, she knows so much about the waters, especially around Alaska. It would be a cold place to fish, but very picturesque, I bet!

The gospels are quite dramatic, wild and wet. They are set in a rich maritime culture on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

We must remember that Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen. I had no idea that this may be the reason why there are so many references to fishermen in the gospels.

Many of Jesus’ miracles and messages focus around water, fish, fishermen, net-breaking catches, sea crossings, boat-sinking storms, and even a walk on the water.

This world seems so foreign to us, even true Christians and Catholics. We have therefore missed much about the disciples’ experiences and about following Jesus. There was a huge gap there and now they are filled in with this wonderful book!

Leslie Leyland Fields crosses a lot of historic time and history to take us out on the Sea of Galilee and through a rugged season of fishing with her family in Alaska and also through the waters of the New Testament!

I loved this book from beginning to end!

I received this book compliments of Tyndale Publishers Ltd.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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About Brit Jones’ A Waiter’s Companion

9781612444765Hi Brit Jones!  Welcome back to my blog!

Can you tell us a bit about your book?

A Waiter’s Companion is a book designed to fill the niche between what a restaurant employer’s desire in a server and the difficult task of gaining useful experience as a server new to the business. There are numerous suggestions and guiding principles designed to elevate a new server’s hospitality mentality.

Although this book’s audience is young people new to the restaurant business, it is my hope that restaurant owners and managers will discover the value of making this book required reading for all of their servers. Their benefit will become evident in the increase their bottom line as they give their staff the necessary information to create more positive dining experiences in their restaurants.

Publisher: Halo Publishing International

Website address:

This book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and, and on Kindle.

A Waiter’s Companion makes a great gift for anyone you may know who is waiting tables. Whether a son, daughter, or grandchild, this book will undoubtedly contribute to their success and confidence.

Thank you so much for inspiring my readers with your wisdom! 

Readers please be sure to visit again for one more day about Brit Jones tomorrow!


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Brit Jones Office Space

9781612444765Hi there Brit Jones!  It is GREAT to have you here on my blog again.  Can you please describe your office space and writing life.

My creative process involved assembling hundreds of notes I had made over many years while at work. I jotted down many observations over countless days waiting tables.  Once I decided to begin the process of creating a book, I collected all the notes and assembled them in a Word document.

From there, I sorted the information by common subject matter. This is where the chapters began to take shape.  It was my intention to keep this book concise and to the point, without fluff.  Much like how college professors repeat themselves to emphasize important information, I too have done the same in this book to drive home the most important of the guiding principles discussed.

My most inspired moments occur in the morning. It is during that time in between sleep and full wakefulness where the most inspired ideas bloom.  I have a large dry erase board in my room so, when inspiration strikes, I can promptly jot down the idea before it drifts back into the ether.


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A Waiter’s Companion – Book Review

9781612444765This is a unique book about the hospitality industry. In today’s day and age, hospitality has lost its value. With so much egoism out there, the desire to learn how to properly serve others seems to have been lost amongst the flood of information in which we find ourselves. At its core, a dining experience should be enjoyable for the guest, and good service should leave them with a memorable feeling.

Brit Jones has spent years serving in many different kinds of restaurants. During that time, he discovered that there are definite principles of excellent hospitality. Although there is an artistic component to being in the service of others, it is also based on certain stable principles that, once mastered, can help servers gain confidence by developing awareness, technique, and insight to fully grasp the nature of great service.

It takes time, and trial and error, for new servers to determine how to best serve guests. Brit Jones makes things easier for all servers by outlining the principles of hospitality. By mastering the principles laid out in his book, the reader can save him/herself years of hardship and difficulty.

Servers tend to forget just how important they are to the restaurant’s success. Without good service, customers won’t come back. So, it is crucially important for servers to gain the confidence through experience and guidance to do their job well. They must remember that for each table that they wait on, they are the restaurant for them that night. One can always find good food. However, good service is far less common, and it is this that will encourage people to come back to the restaurant again and again.

This book is written for both the novice and those who have more experience. There is always more to learn for a server to become more successful in their work.

Aside from servers, this book is relevant to anyone in the service industry– restaurant managers, hostesses, bartenders, and chefs, as well as the experienced diners, or foodies, and anyone who is interested in what constitutes excellent service.

I loved the book and will be recommending it to my friends. They all love to eat in good restaurants. But many of them don’t know what truly good service is. This book will fill an important gap in their knowledge.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Acorn Gert and Brother Bert-GREAT Picture Book for Kids

gertAcorn Gert and Brother Bert
By Elizabeth Duncan Stretar
Illustrated by: Rosemarie Gillen

This is a wonderful picture book for kids about how they can be great, regardless of how small they are in the beginning, by focusing on what is most important and by planting strong inner seeds. Then they can all grow into the person they were meant to be!

This is a book that will take the young reader on a reflective journey on how they can grow to be all that they were meant to be. We all start off small and miniscule in the grand scope of things. And we may all remain that way unless we all put our own marks on the world around us by becoming who we were truly meant to be. What a great message for kids!

We live in a culture when kids are encouraged to feel inadequate from a very early age. Parents, educators, caregivers, and all the positive influencers in our child’s life have a key role in ensuring that our kids are strong and can withstand all the negative societal and cultural pressures that tear our child’s self-esteem down.

Further, inspiring books like this one can also truly help parents to open that discussion with their kids and to keep it going throughout their childhood and into their teen years. By continuing to plant the potential seeds in the heart and minds of parents, we can ensure that our kids will grow up to be all that they were meant to be.

The illustrations in the book are colourful and bring the message of the book home to the young reader very vividly. In addition, at the end of the book, there are a few pages for parents and educators to help them discover their child’s natural inclinations.

I loved the book from beginning to end. I will definitely be talking about the book and sharing it with the people in my church ministry and life.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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The Mindfulness of Nature by Dr. Jo-Ann Petrucci Andrews

mindfulness-of-nature-coverThis is a wonderful book that will transport the reader into many different positive sayings and inspirations through images from nature. It is a treasure throve of deep insight and encouragement for readers of all ages.

The book is a unique compilation of alphabetized inspirations on how to be happy and mindful and live the best possible life that we can. We all keep thinking that such a joyous life is reserved for only for a few. But this is not the case. We can each grasp the beauty that is within us and around us by pausing and really mindfully looking around us. Dr. Petrucci Andrews inspires the reader to do that on every page of the book.

A small sampling of the inspirations that are offered in this wonderful book are dream big, you can empower yourself to be wonderful, forgive others to free yourself, be grateful, cultivate inner peace, live with intensity and integrity, love unconditionally, and love yourself.

The inspirations are coupled with wonderful, reflective photos of nature, inviting the reader to reflect deeper on the meaning of the inspirations.

I loved this book from beginning to end. The book helped me feel positive and hopeful. I realized too that hope and happiness is mine if I only stop and be mindful of everything around me.

Thank you for such a wonderful book Dr. Petrucci Andrews!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Meet Brit Jones

61lbxobofsl1Hi Brit Jones!  It is a GREAT pleasure to have you here on my blog today and for this whole week.  I am sure my readers will love to get to know you better.

1. Tell us a few things about yourself.

I’ve lived in Boulder, Colorado since 2004. I feel very fortunate to live in a place that has a high concentration of innovative thinkers. I’m the father of a 12 year old boy and have been privileged to receive the love and support of and wonderful family. My mother and father, as well as my two sisters and their husbands have been invaluable in their support of this book.

2. What’s your favorite book?

I’ve tended to gravitate towards books that teach me something about how to be better in life. I rarely read to escape, but rather to learn. If I were to choose an author and book I truly enjoyed, it would be “A Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach.

3. Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is Richard Bach.

4. What inspired you to want to write your book?

It was never my intention to stay in the restaurant business as long as I have. But once life started happening and bills were piling up, it was a challenge to find other employment where I could make comparable money without taking several steps backward.

As I gathered more experience, it became glaringly obvious that the training programs most restaurants provide for servers don’t cover the important components of excellent service. Due to the transient nature of servers, coming and going, I could see that restaurant owners would be reluctant to provide thorough training for servers.

At the end of the day, waiting tables isn’t rocket science, but, with a few key guiding principles and suggestions on technique, service quality could certainly stand to improve. So I wrote this book for those servers who would like to discover their best selves in this line of work, as well as to provide a tool for restaurant owners and managers to elevate service quality without much investment of time and money.

5. Why do you like writing about your topic?

Simply because I have paid attention to what it takes to become better and I discovered how to articulate it. I know the topic through and through.

6. Tell us about your current writing projects.

Upon the completion of A Waiter’s Companion, I realized I have more to share on the subject. For now, I plan to market the current book, but I envision a complement to it down the road.

7. What can readers expect to get from this book?

It’s my hope that readers will discover the information to be helpful in providing structure to the learning experience and, ultimately, elevate the quality of service in restaurants across this country and around the world. Too often, a dining experience is diminished because servers have not been given the necessary training to do their job to the best of their abilities.

8. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Yes. We all have a book inside of us. When you discover yours, don’t let the opinions of others who can’t see your vision, discourage you from moving forward with it. There will always be those who will, either intentionally or unintentionally, discourage you. Push past that and bring it out of your head and into the world.

9. Any last words?

If you find something to be valuable, chances are, others will too.

Thank you for being here on my blog today Brit Jones!  I look forward to learning more about your book on Wednesday!

Racing the Flame
By Lisa Phipps

This is a wonderful story with a powerful message about having faith and believing that everything is going to turn out for the best, even when everything looks bleak. God truly works in mysterious ways.

This book is about a topic that is familiar in our world today. It is not uncommon for wildfires to rage in different parts of the world. And it is devastating to the people involved because they are at risk of losing all of their livelihood and everything they worked so hard to build.

This story showcases wildfires incinerating the drought-stricken Montana ranch land, forcing the Landers family to flee from their home. While they prepare to evacuate, fourteen-year-old Jay and his sister, Katy, devise a daring plan to rescue their herd of cattle from the fire’s grasp. But Katy falls from her horse’s back as the terrified mare gallops just ahead of the fast-approaching flames. In the ensuing life-and-death race against time, Jay must face the fire’s fury and search for his sister. Will his faith be strong enough to fortify him?

This is a story about courage, perspicacity and faith in the midst of trials and danger. It is a book that will teach everyone the true meaning of having faith, and that God is always looking after us, especially when times get hard.

The illustrations are also stunning in the book. They bring the story to light for the younger and older reader alike.

I loved the story from beginning to end and will be recommending it to my church community.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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El Lago de los Milagro By Paola Bedoya Sur

paola-book-coverEste es un libro que trata de un  tema importante para nuestros tiempos culturales, discute la intensa batalla entre el bien y el mal.

Todos tenemos lados buenos y malos en nosotros, para la mayoría de nosotros, los buenos ganan más a menudo que los malos. Sin embargo, ninguno es perfecto, y tenemos que aceptarlo que para crecer y mejorar.

Tenemos la capacidad de elegir nuestro destino, somos seres auténticos que pueden ser quienes queremos ser y convertirnos en quienes queremos ser, nuestro mundo es un mundo de infinitas posibilidades, tenemos que trabajar en ellas para ser mejores. Sin embargo,  Agatha en esta historia, no tiene fácilmente esta oportunidad.

Agatha, la gran Bruja de Lubathar, es capaz de mantener el equilibrio en el mundo. Sin embargo, hay amenazas para evitar esto, dejando las vidas de los habitantes de Danvar, el reino de los seres humanos y criaturas de Molthar, y el reino de los sueños a merced del destino.

El mundo descrito en este libro es como nuestro mundo, hay tanta agitación y hay tanto que nos extraviará, pero si nos podemos concentrar en crear un reino de seres humanos que pueden crear sus propios sueños y vidas, el bien puede ganar sobre el mal. Entonces, ¿por qué dejar las cosas al destino si puedes crearlo?

Me encanta el mensaje de este libro, los lectores lo disfrutarán especialmente por la poesía de su lenguaje.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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A great picture book for kids about self-acceptance

51uu-zenn9l-_sx260_1I Love Being Me
By: April Allen
Illustrations by: Eldon Jones III

This is a wonderful picture book for kids of all ages about accepting yourself and knowing that you are unique and beautiful, just as you are.

We all tend to criticize ourselves. And this is especially the case for girls from an earlier and earlier age. Our culture sees beauty from the outside. April Allen’s book encourages girls to love themselves from the inside out and to not judge themselves or others by outside appearances. We are each unique because each one of us is different and beautiful in our own right.

Libby is a confident girl who appreciates everything about herself. She also introduces the reader all the many things she loves about herself because she loves being who she was created to be.

Libby also loves her friends and appreciates them for who they are, despite the fact that most of them come from very different and diverse backgrounds. They all look slightly different and have different hairdos and clothes. But they are all accepted by her because they are also who they were created to be.

What a great message for everyone, especially girls. It is in accepting who we truly are that we can be free to be the best that we can be.

I loved this book from beginning to end. I will be recommending this book to all the kids that I encounter in my community and church.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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