Posted by: irenesroth | May 18, 2017

Daniel & Destinee’s Epic Adventures: Trouble at Camillion Creek Book Review

Daniel & Destinee’s Epic Adventures: Trouble at Camillion Creek
By Deborah S. Martin

This is an adventuresome story for kids about the importance of courage and perseverance in solving any problems that we may have.

This story showcases two siblings, Destinee and Daniel. Both of them are off to camp. The story shows how Daniel with ADHD symptoms can learn team work and persistence. He can also learn how to courageously solve any mystery if he tries hard and keeps positive and upbeat.

Daniel and Destinee are at camp. While there, they encounter many different experiences. What child doesn’t enjoy all the fun and adventure that there is at camp. While at camp, Destinee gets to walk a thin line. She is scared. But Destinee conquers her fear and keeps on walking on the thin line because everyone was cheering her on.

This book shows how friends can cheer each other on to be their best. It also shows how Daniel can excel by being in the midst of positive friends who believe in him.

I loved this story! It is beautifully written. The words and sentence fit together with flare and they will definitely excite the young reader to keep reading the book until the end.

The book should be read by all kids who experience fears and a lack of self-confidence. In addition, kids with ADHD symptoms will also find this book very inspiring.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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