Posted by: irenesroth | November 30, 2016

A Waiter’s Companion – Book Review

9781612444765This is a unique book about the hospitality industry. In today’s day and age, hospitality has lost its value. With so much egoism out there, the desire to learn how to properly serve others seems to have been lost amongst the flood of information in which we find ourselves. At its core, a dining experience should be enjoyable for the guest, and good service should leave them with a memorable feeling.

Brit Jones has spent years serving in many different kinds of restaurants. During that time, he discovered that there are definite principles of excellent hospitality. Although there is an artistic component to being in the service of others, it is also based on certain stable principles that, once mastered, can help servers gain confidence by developing awareness, technique, and insight to fully grasp the nature of great service.

It takes time, and trial and error, for new servers to determine how to best serve guests. Brit Jones makes things easier for all servers by outlining the principles of hospitality. By mastering the principles laid out in his book, the reader can save him/herself years of hardship and difficulty.

Servers tend to forget just how important they are to the restaurant’s success. Without good service, customers won’t come back. So, it is crucially important for servers to gain the confidence through experience and guidance to do their job well. They must remember that for each table that they wait on, they are the restaurant for them that night. One can always find good food. However, good service is far less common, and it is this that will encourage people to come back to the restaurant again and again.

This book is written for both the novice and those who have more experience. There is always more to learn for a server to become more successful in their work.

Aside from servers, this book is relevant to anyone in the service industry– restaurant managers, hostesses, bartenders, and chefs, as well as the experienced diners, or foodies, and anyone who is interested in what constitutes excellent service.

I loved the book and will be recommending it to my friends. They all love to eat in good restaurants. But many of them don’t know what truly good service is. This book will fill an important gap in their knowledge.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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