Posted by: irenesroth | October 13, 2016

A wonderful book about the value of Christian marriage

Marriage Primer for Christians
By John S. Heidebrecht

This is a wonderful book about the value of marriage and how we can take steps to save marriages in order to reverse the trend towards divorce that currently plagues our cultural times.

It is difficult not to be alarmed by the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce. It seems like an egotistical time that is defined strictly by the needs and wants of one individual. However, a marriage is a holy union between two individuals. It is meant to be an institution where God brings two people together so that they can thrive and live a Godly life.

So, what has happened to this notion of Christian marriage? Heidebrecht believes that we have made marriage about ME as opposed to two people. When a marriage is at a crisis point our favorite excuse for dissolving marriage is incompatibility.

When we start believing that marriage is a hopeless institution, we can begin by calling on the one who created marriage and is the author of love: God. There are many reasons why people get disillusioned in their marriage. One of the biggest problems is that of trying to change our partner. Only God can change our partner not us. The only thing we can do is to change ourselves and to be the best spouse that we can be. If we do that one thing, we will have the chance of saving ourselves a lot of hardship in our marriage.

We all love to hear stories about long-lasting marriages where two people are devoted to each other. We all think that these people must be the lucky ones to live in long and happy marriages. What we all tend to forget is that every marriage takes work, and every healthy marriage requires that we do more than think about ourselves. When we give our lives to Christ, His Holy Spirit comes to live within us. When we seek the Kingdom of God, He gives us all we need.

I loved this book from beginning to end. It is a primer for all Christians on marriage. I will definitely take a copy of the book into my parish and have it available for couples whose marriage is in crisis.

Rating: 5 Stars

Irene S. Roth


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