Posted by: irenesroth | August 22, 2016


41FeMmqXefL._SS300_[1]Who Goes There?
L. R. Gray

This is a wonderful children’s book for kids 5 to 9 about how one can conquer fear with the help of God at our side. It also teaches the importance of the love of neighbour and the need to help anyone in need. It is a book that will inspire and strengthen the child as she reads the story.

This is a story within a story. It begins with Grandma telling a story about Uncle Brother whose truck broke down in the middle of a dark and scary road in Linwood, Alabama. Uncle Brother was scared and worried. Then he started hearing strange noises that came closer and closer to him. Were they real? Or was he just scared and his mind was creating these imaginary fears?

What child is not scared of the dark? Add to this that Uncle Brother was all alone in the dark with a broken down truck, being pursued by something loud and rattling, and any kid’s nerves would be on edge to say the least. How does Uncle Brother get himself out of harm’s way and back to his home? Can he get a hold of his fears?

This is a book that will be enjoyed by the younger and older child. It is a book that kids will want to have read and re-read with their parents. It is a book about how to conquer fears, and how we can all be the best that we can be, despite the fact that we are emotional creatures with God’s help.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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