Posted by: irenesroth | June 2, 2016

A poignant story about drug addiction

Struggling for Life
By Clarita Sierra and Alejandro Sierra

This is a very touching and heart-warming book about the tragedies of drug addiction and how hard it is to leave the habit behind.

This is book is about Alejandro Sierra’s journey through addiction. The story shows first-hand the pain and heartbreak that parents feel when their son was addicted to drugs. There is a powerlessness that comes over parents, one that can be soul destroying over time. This is especially the case when they lose their son to addiction.

This book will be of help to all parents who are undergoing similar circumstances. It is always great to know that you are not alone and that other people also struggle from similar difficulties when coping with a child who is addicted to drugs.

Addiction cannot be underestimated. Alex shows the reader how hard this is through his open and honest story and letters in this book. He shows how he struggled for life, and how his family really tried to help him.

I believe that one of the important themes of this book is that with the help from professionals and family, teens can overcome drug addiction. It is not something that has to consume them for the rest of their lives. We all have a choice to make our lives addiction-free. But we have to want to achieve this.

I loved this book! I think it is a book that is important for our times, given the ubiquity of drugs in the lives of our teens. Thank you, Alex, you have touched my heart very deeply as a reader.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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