Posted by: irenesroth | June 26, 2015

Overcoming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking

Overcoming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking
By Matthew W. Miller

Matthew Miller’s wonderful book will educate as well as enlighten the reader about how to eat well and exercise if one is a diabetic. It is hard for most of us to eat right. It is far easier to eat fast and pre-packaged foods. And it is especially hard to prepare healthy food if we have a chronic illness, such as diabetes. But it is possible to do so by taking a few concrete steps and change a few bad habits.

Miller’s book presents tips for overcoming obstacles in diabetic cooking. His tips will also answer important questions that we may have about how to exercise even if you can’t use bar bells because we are disabled, it is raining or snowing, and it is too hot or cold outside. Exercise is very important for our health because it balances blood sugar.

In addition, The Activities for People with Diabetes section includes a healthy food and cooking word search and crossword puzzle. It is a unique way to learn about food and cooking. What is also unique about Miller’s book is that he includes Bible verses and resources for his Christian readers. There is also a section about where to get help if we need it.

Miller has Cerebral Palsy and yet he finds ways to eat healthy and exercise. So, we have no excuse not to eat healthy and exercise either. All we have to do is to change a few of our mindsets and habits. Miller dispels all the mysteries of doing this and makes it easy to follow his recipes. Thank you for such a GREAT and inspiring book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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