Posted by: irenesroth | April 18, 2015

Stupidparty Book Review

A1bpjFLqQRL._SL1500_[1]Stupidparty: Math vs. Myth
Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy
By Patrick Andendall

This book is for the political-minded reader. The book is detailed and the reader will learn a lot about the Republican Party. It is a book that I couldn’t book down because of how detailed and interesting it was.

One of the motivations for the book is the negative way that the Republican Party has been viewed by people lately. The party has unfortunately equated intelligence and education with being elite. They seem to believe that smart people look down on everyone else and especially the Republicans. In making such a comment, they devalue education and drive a division between two classes of Americans, those who are educated, and those who are not. Once that is accomplished, it seems possible to make being stupid a benefit and choosing emotions over fact. It seems that regular guys don’t believe in science. They believe in God and country instead not like the well-educated elites.

But these are all lies according to Andendall. In saying these things they have polarized this country into two classes. It seems that a madness and ignorance has taken over the party sadly. Andendall organizes his argument into the big questions the American people face such as, climate change, the economy, terrorism and so on. Each section gives a solid, fact-based commentary on the problems, and in each case he tries to undermine the Republican lies with facts. He even provides direct links to the sources so that it is simple for the reader to look them up if they are reading the book on a Kindle reader.

Andendall shows how easy it is to manipulate people. I find this truly sad as one would wish that people formed their own level-headed opinions on matters that are of central importance to their lives. But it seems that people are emotionally swayed, and sometimes the more outrageous the views that are advocated over the media, the more people are apt to believe them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I will be recommending the book to a lot of my reading friends and colleagues who are interested in political issues and especially the Republican Party.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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