Posted by: irenesroth | September 2, 2014

Book Review for Tynsdale Publishers

By Bill Hybels

Are you over-scheduled and too busy? Do you feel so exhausted you can no longer carry on?

Many of us are in this very boat and we are getting sick as a result and losing our equilibrium. For some of us, this exhaustion causes numerous health problems. For others, addictions of every kind become easier than dealing with some of our real problems and taking the time to declutter our lives. Hybels will show you how to do this and more.

In Simplify, Hybels identifies some key issues that drive this kind of busy, stressed-out life. After reading this book, and doing his action steps, we can live a happier, simpler, and more fulfilled life.

For many of us, we are exhausted, over-scheduled, overwhelmed, restless, wounded, anxious, isolated, drifting, stuck, and feeling meaningless. Wouldn’t it be better if we were energized, organized, in control, fulfilled, whole, peaceful, connected, focused, moving on, and satisfied instead? If so, it can be yours by taking a few key steps after reading this book. Hybels demystified the process in his clear, honest approach to the topics.

I am at an apex in my own life right now. I needed to read Hybels book because I know my life can’t go on as it is now. Do you feel the same way? If you do, you can’t afford not to read this book.

Thank you Bill for giving me the courage to take control of my life again.

Rating: 5 stars

Irene S. Switankowsky (Roth)


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