Posted by: irenesroth | March 1, 2014

The Laika Mission-Book Review

The Laika Mission is a unique story.  It is fictional in nature, but it is based on real-life situations and events which occurred during the space race in the US and Soviet Union. It is a story that is as enchanting and endearing as it is inspiring. I felt glued to the pages of the story, and readers of all ages will really enjoy Mark Phillips’ story.

The Laika21P-jhaMkQL._SL500_AA300_ Mission is about the Soviets strike when they launch a satellite called the Sputnik 1. Not too long afterwards they strike again with Sputnik 2.  But the second satellite is graced by a really special being—a dog named Laika.  Initially, Laika had a journey like many abandoned animals that we find in animal shelters today. She was a stray for a while but then Laika’s journey changes drastically. But Laika never thought that she would end up in space! What a surprise! And Dimitri, the young Russian scientist who selects her from the dog pound and takes steps to get Laika ready for a historic flight into space.

The story brings Laika and Dimitri together at a time when they both need each other the most.  It is still a time of oppression and hardship in the Soviet Union, and somehow having Laika beside him helps tremendously. The love that a pet offers cannot be replaced and should be treasured. However, will Laika make it around the world and return home?

This book will be enjoyed by pet lovers and historians as well as individuals who love to read about space travel. There are also a lot of details about the Soviet Union that will inform the reader.  They sure have had a difficult time throughout their history.

Thank you Mark Phillips for such a wonderful story!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by:  Irene S. Roth


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