Posted by: irenesroth | November 11, 2013

Book Review: First Published on Blogcritics

Trauma and the Twelve Steps:
A Complete Guide to Enhancing Recovery
Jamie Marich

Not all individuals have the expertise, and especially the empathy, to work with alcoholics and addicts.  It is difficult to see people suffering so much on a daily basis.  It can even be more difficult to hear about the traumas that led to these addictions in the first place. But Jamie Marich is gifted in helping addicts in this area.

The disease of addiction is very difficult to recover from. Twelve Step Programs have helped millions of individuals to recover and build new lives. However, relapses occur quite often when individuals didn’t deal with the underlying traumas that caused the addictions in the first place. Individuals do have to come to terms with all of that pain and unfairness in order to move on with their lives and Twelve Step Programs are not fully equipped to deal with these traumas. This is what inspired Jamie to re-evaluate the gaps inherent in the Twelve Step Programs and develop a recovery program uniquely geared for victims of trauma.

What individuals who experienced traumas need is an approach to reprocess the trauma and reintegrate new approaches to deal with the initial traumas in order to overcome them. The ultimate goal of reprocessing is integration. Through integration an individual can make better sense of previously disjointed experiences and make sense of them. Engaging in such a process will help the individual live one day at a time. In addition, engaging in such a process can be so liberating for the individual in that it creates wholeness and she is able to finally heal and move past the hurts of the past, embracing a life of recovery and wellness.

This is a book for professionals working with addicts and alcoholics who believe that the trauma underlying the addictions should be dealt with. The book is meant to enhance Twelve Step Programs.  I enjoyed reading the book in that I was inspired to learn that there are professionals who have devoted their lives to helping trauma victims. Our world will be a much more peaceful place as a result.

Rating:  5 Stars

Reviewed by:  Irene S. Roth


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