Posted by: irenesroth | September 17, 2013

Angel Connection: Book Review

AngelConnection_HiRez_JudithAnneBartonThe Angel Connection
By Judith Anne Barton

This is a romantic thriller that will keep you turning the pages of the novel until it is done. It is unique in that it is separates different lives by 100 years. I never read a novel like this. What a treat!

After Morgan Reed loses her reputation, marriage, career and son Chad, she decides to make a clean start in Milltown, Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful place and she is drawn to an old rectory which she buys. She learns that her new home is the birthplace of the Impressionist movement. She misses the cultured life that she had in Philadelphia. So, she decides to work on a documentary about 1895 Milltown. The documentary is about the local painters of the era. Morgan discovers the drama that unfolded some 100 years ago in the house she moved into. She uncovers some real similarities between her life and the woman’s life who lived there long ago. They both had similar pasts, and they are forced to reassess their lives and start over.

The story is emotional, tinged in doom and scary in places. The heroines seem to be deeply flawed but very real and humane. All women will be able to relate to their plight in that most women are trying to balance career and family obligations. This is especially the case for writers!

So, grab a box of Kleenex and a pot of tea and settle into your favourite chair. You are in for a heck of a ride reading this wonderful book!

Thank you Judith Anne Barton for such a wonderful book!

Barton_PortraitAbout the Author

Judith Anne Barton is an author, actress, playwright and award-winning television journalist. The Angel Connection is her first novel. After a successful career in broadcast journalism in Philadelphia that spanned over a decade, Barton moved to Bucks County, PA where she worked with her mentor, the late JP Miller, author of the classic The Days of Wine and Roses. Her first play Opening Night received its world premiere at Philadelphia’s Lantern Theatre Company, and was named a finalist in the Sundance Film Lab competition. She is the co-author of The Best Letter Book Ever (book and CD-ROM), and is also a published poet. Barton now resides in Los Angeles where she also pursues an acting career in film and television. Her sons, William Wheeler (The Reluctant Fundamentalist) and Thomas Wheeler (Puss in Boots, Puss in Boots II) are successful screenwriters.



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