Posted by: irenesroth | December 12, 2012

Walking for Peace: Book Review-First Published on Blogcritics

Walking For Peace: An inner journey
By: Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

Would you ever set out on a 5,000 kilometer pilgrimage for peace? This book is a remarkable true story of two pilgrims who did just that. They had a steering in their heart to go on this walk. And they listened to the one voice which would mean the world to them, and that would change their lives forever. The journey was more than an outward journey. It transformed and enriched their lives like nothing else could.

It can be scary to set out on a 13 month walk from Rome to Jerusalem. There are all the self-doubts, and the small details of things that will remain undone including the supreme sacrifice of missing out on opportunities that will never come back. Despite this, Mony and Alberto decided to do something big to make the world a better place for us all. And this book is a true testament of this.

I was truly moved by their pilgrimage. It is so honest and authentic that it moved me to tears. But more than that, I was spellbound and couldn’t put the book down. It grabbed my heart from the first page until I read the last word on the last page. And I am sure that the reader will have a similar experience of closeness and intimacy with the authors.

Walking for Peace is a book that cannot be read quickly. It has to be digested slowly as the authors describe their experiences in raw detail on the walk of a lifetime. This book shows the meaning of dedication and pushing past your comfort zone. It shows how two people can persevere with one another and end their journey victorious. Thank you Mony and Alberto for such a wonderful book! I hope that others will take up a similar journey for world peace. God knows we need it very badly given our turbulent times.

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor

Rating: 5 Stars


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