Posted by: irenesroth | October 14, 2012

This Review was First Published on Blogcritics October 13th, 2012

A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What!
Louis Koster

Who doesn’t want to be happy, fulfilled and enjoy life to the fullest. But how many of us can actually experience this joy in today’s world as it is. It seems that a malaise has taken over that has infected everything and everyone. And we have slipped into this abyss of unhappiness and discontent. Many of us have lost direction and feel lost, and it can be hard to re-establish ourselves. If you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, Koster’s book is for you.

One way that we could be happier and fulfilled is to be true to ourselves. We have to trust ourselves and know how to be true to ourselves. It seems strange that we have a lost a sense of ourselves and what makes our content and happy. Instead of living authentically, we listen to other voices and other languages that tell us what to do and how to feel. And the media is great at this. It dictates how we should look and behave to be successful and what we should do to be accepted by others. This is the anomaly of our cultural times.

According to Koster, one of the reasons why people don’t believe in themselves has a lot do with the way they use language and how they experience themselves through the language that negatively shapes their lives. Most of us are filled with negativity. We always tend to define ourselves in terms of what we don’t have and can’t achieve. We don’t have confidence in ourselves and in our own abilities. We constantly put ourselves down. How many times have you heard yourself say No, I just can’t do this! Most of us keep reiterating such negative messages constantly to ourselves day in and day out.

The good news is that we can change our view of ourselves by making a commitment to be happy, fulfilled and content, no matter what our circumstances. This commitment allows us to change our view of ourselves from negative to positive. We will start experiencing life in a new way. This commitment can bring us to a place where we could experience an authentic freedom to be. We will no longer feel entrapped in negative language. Instead, we will develop a new language for life. And this new language can open us up to a fulfilled and happy life. What a blessing this new language can be!

Rating: 5+ Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor
Reviewer for Blogcritics


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