Posted by: irenesroth | August 13, 2012

Review of Soul Journey to Love


Soul Journey to Love: 100 days to Inner Peace
Irene A. Cohen

Dr. Cohen’s Soul Journey to Love is a wonderfully inspirational book which will bring the reader closer to Oneness. It is a book of 100 mediations, and it is meant to be read slowly, one meditation a day. Each meditation is thought-provoking and deep in its own way.

Dr. Cohen’s book is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on how to quiet the mind and go within. This is not easy given our busy lives. Dr. Cohen shows the reader how to go deeper and deeper with each day’s meditations.

Part II explains how the universal mind operates, and how it relates to us. This section is deeply philosophical and psychological in nature. It may be better to spend more than one day on each meditation in this section and really take the time to reflect on the meditation.

Part III consists mostly of prayers and poems. This is the most lyrical section of the book. The prayers are very comforting and soothing. The three parts all complement one another and result in a wonderfully balanced spiritual journey.

I loved the book from beginning to end. I read the whole book through to get a sense of it. Now, I will go back and read one meditation a day for 100 days. What a journey it will be. Finding inner peace is possible even in the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives. All we have to do is to carve out some time to go deeper and meditate each day. Dr. Cohen will make this process not only possible but enjoyable.

Reviewed by:  Irene S. Roth

Rating:  5 Stars


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