Posted by: irenesroth | May 15, 2012

Meet Fran Orenstein, WOI Tour For May, 2012


Gaia’s Gift
Fran Orenstein

Gaia’s Gift is a novel with paranormal overtones and uplifting qualities like no other I have read. The novel will transport you right into the midst of Rachel Well’s life and the many layers of her personality.

Gaia’s Gift is about saving the earth, and keeping the world healthy. It is a novel about Rachel, about her loves, losses, guilt and redemption. It is a sad and uplifting book and it promises to keep the reader captivated and seduced by the story and Rachel’s life.

Rachel is a survivor and most women will be able to relate to her story. One second Rachel’s life is absolutely perfect. She has a beautiful daughter and a wonderfully loving husband. Her business is thriving, and she does things that she absolutely loves. The very next second, a bad storm hits and destroys everything that she believed was perfect and wonderful in her life. She is thrown into despair, and depression for about five years. But when she emerges, Gaia comes to the rescue and provides her with a gift with consequences and even more angst.

I loved the novel from beginning to end. I felt absolutely transported into the angst and then elation of Rachel’s life. I felt every emotion with her. Fran Orenstein is a master story-teller. I completely commend her on writing such a wonderful thought-provoking book. I had the honour of talking to her on The Writing Mama Show on Blog talk Radio on Monday, May 14th. She shed even more light on her wonderful novel, and said so much about her writing life.

Thank you Fran for such a wonderful book! I look forward to reading your next book!

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth

Rating: 5 ++ Stars


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