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Day 1 of VBT Tour For The Working Writer’s Club

Hello ! Welcome to the Pebbles in the Pond Virtual Book Tour!

My name is Dorit Sasson, and I’m a contributing author of the chapter, “The Best Time to Get in my Way” that is part of a transformational anthology called, Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time. Last week, I was the first author out of 46+ authors to receive my cartons of books and woo-hoo – what can I say? What a transformational feeling!

When I received an invitation to be a contributing author to this anthology from Christine Kloser, the transformational catalyst and three-time award winning author, I knew there was a higher purpose waiting for me.

It was time to find my Israeli-American tribe after living in Pittsburgh. I left the US as a teenager to join the Israeli army and came back to the States almost twenty years later as a mom and wife. When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I felt like an immigrant all over again, disconnected and voiceless.

I had snippets of journals, published and unpublished stories and blog posts that would form the voice of the chapter, “The Best Time to Get in My Way” which describes my pain stories of how I was able to come full circle.

I write in my chapter:

“Even though I was a returning Americanwho spoke fluent English, I felt everyone around me was speaking anotherlanguage. I left the USin 1988 as a teenager and came back a mom and a wife almost twenty years later.”What’s an SUV?”, I would ask. “What’s Target?” But what I was reallylooking for was a deeper connection to family and friends. Coming back to livepermanently in the US after all those years in Israel had triggered deep andpainful memories from my NYC childhood home – mainly of social and emotional isolation.

In Pittsburgh, I didn’t have the support systemthat most women my age with young children had, but I had another problem – Ifelt like an outsider. I was uprooted. At times it seemed that the strangerssitting next to me on a bus were my only family. Perhaps they could evenunderstand me at that moment. Maybe because they looked lonely too? I didn’tknow how to react to this “new environment” at first, so I started a journal tohelp me cope with the social and emotion isolation I felt from sacrificing myown home, family, and friends. I recorded what people said, how they looked –no matter how painful the scenario in order to get perspective. Sometimes the“small town mentality” of Pittsburghwas too friendly and it unnerved me. Other times it was too unsettling. Thetheme of “finding a connection in a world of darkness” very quickly emerged inmy writing.”

As you probably can notice, writing this chapter was not random. I had been living my Story for years. I had confronted some of those painful memories of not being able to say and feel what I wanted to say and feel as a cultural learner of Hebrew whether I stuck on an army base in Gaza Strip or teaching Israeli high school students.

And so, this cultural journey continues. I am still in the process of creating my tribe and giving voice to those voiceless experiences.

Pebbles in the Pond is now Available for Pre-Order!

Order now, before May 20th and receive your BONUS transformational pack.

Hear my Chapter on Youtube – “The Best Time to Get in My Way”



  1. You are such an inspiration, Dorit. Thank you for sharing your voice.

  2. You are the voice of many who feel alone and apart. I know your own story will encourage others to join your tribe! With much appreciation, Doreen

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  4. Dear Dorit,

    Your book looks great! Major congrats! 🙂


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