Posted by: irenesroth | December 20, 2011

Book Review for Tyndale Publishers

Lead….For God’s Sake!
A Parable About the Heart of Leadership
Todd G. Gongwer

What a gem of a book and a moving story. It is about a high school coach who, although being the most successful basketball coach in Kentucky, starts falling short of what he expects. Most of the players are simply going through the motions and not playing hard. They lost many games and they can’t seem to get motivated to win much less to be their best.

Steve Rocker, the coach, tries all the motivational methods at his disposal. They all worked in the past. But for some reason now nothing is working. He is getting more and more desperate as he spends endless hours going through game tapes and trying to discover what he can to get the team out of the slump. His family is taking a back seat. His wife is getting upset and frustrated with him as he comes home at all hours of the morning. And Steve is becoming increasingly upset and frustrated with himself.

Then a chance meeting with a janitor, Joe Taylor, changes his life forever. Joe encouraged Steve to continue and to not give up on his players. He told him to lead from the heart and to help the kids to discover the real reason why they are playing basketball. All of this was confusing to Steve until one day he got it! And his life changed forever. It just goes to prove that wisdom can sometimes come from unlikely places.

This is one of the most moving and heart warming books that I ever read. It made me laugh, and cry. What a journey! But after reading the book I can honestly say that I have grown in leaps and bounds! Kudos to Todd Gongwer!

I received this book compliments of Tyndale Publishers Ltd.

Rating: 5+ stars…

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth


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