Posted by: irenesroth | August 23, 2011

Tyndale Book Review

Plugged in Parenting:
How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids with Love, Not War
By:  Bob Waliszewski

Waliszewski’s book is very important and a must-read for all parents. Given our media and technological culture, it is essential that parents monitor what kinds of entertainment and media that their kids are exposed to. This isn’t cruel but absolutely necessary to bring up kids who are happy and emotionally healthy.

Waliszewski doesn’t argue that we have to unplug our kids from all media in order to ensure that they are not ruined and destroyed by the media. However, Waliszewski does insist and show parents how they could become knowledgeable of what kind of entertainment is out there, and which kind is dangerous to their kid’s mental stability and happiness. In addition, parents could also teach their kids to be media-savvy as well. Once parents achieve this, they have brought up children who are aware of the dangers of the media and what they are exposed to.

One of the most important ways that parents could instil this kind of media savvy is by modeling proper viewing of the media and consumption themselves. Waliszewski believes that our children need to hear regularly from our lips how important it is to guard our hearts from the media’s destroying powers.

When it comes to encouraging family media discernment, it doesn’t work to start with rules. If your children don’t care what God wants, asking them to adhere to His standards is futile. The best you will get from your children in this kind of situation is outward conformity. The worse that you may get is constant outward conflict and tension. This is why is crucially to begin by understanding where your kids are spiritually.  We have to bring our kid’s hearts and minds back. We must show our kids how to guard their hearts and minds from the snares of the media. In other words, we must teach our kids to become spiritually fit.

One way that parents can achieve this is by creating a family media entertainment constitution. A family media entertainment constitution is an agreement in writing what is permissible and impermissible when it comes to media viewing. Each family member should agree to the contents of the constitution and each person should sign the contract. For instance, family members should determine what they will and won’t permit in a movie before viewing it with the family. This contract will establish some media boundaries in your family. In this constitution we can teach kids what is important to watch for in the media.   

Wiliszewski’s book is a must read for all parents who are concerned about what their kids are watching on television. Parents should get involved in their children’s entertainment and media choices.

Rating:  5 stars

Reviewed:  by Irene S. Roth

I received this book from Thomas Nelson’s through, book reviewers program. The views in this book review are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16CFR, Part 255.


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