Posted by: irenesroth | August 3, 2011

Review for Canadian Book Reviews

Between Two Worlds: A Canadian Story
Bruce A. Woods

Bruce Woods’ book is a wonderful exploration of all the trials and tribulations of his life. He was born in Stratford, Ontario, and had a complex life that took him from rags to riches. He had a humble life and a humble upbringing.

Woods describes his early days in Stratford where milk and bread was delivered each day. All went well, and life seemed to be simple and peaceful until 1948. In that year, he started to discover the Christian life and was initially consoled by many aspects of it. This meant that he had to live between two worlds, the secular world and the Christian world he converted to.

As time went on, he discovered that he just couldn’t be a normal teen. His commitment to the Christian life meant that he couldn’t dance, go to the movies, drink alcohol, smoke or play cards. This was part of his religious conversion.

There were times that Bruce envied his nonreligious friends who weren’t as restricted as he was. But Bruce did find his religious life very rewarding. He made some great friendships. He was a hopeless romantic. He endured hardships, but prayer got him through all of his trials.

Later on, he became a Baptist minister, and continued to lead an austere life. He had a wonderful and devoted wife who loved him very much. She was also instrumental in saving his life when he had a heart attack later on.

Woods’ book is honest. It is honest, and written in a way that will draw the reader in right into the life and times of his life.

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth


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