Posted by: irenesroth | March 8, 2011

Book Review, First on Blogcritics

     Article first published as Book Review: Lessons on Leading for Those with Little Time for Reading by Steve Boehlke  on Blogcritics

       50 Lessons on Leading For Those With Little Time
       for Reading
       Steve Boehlke
       Boehlke’s book is a gem for individuals who are
       striving to develop leadership skills but who
       feel a bit unable to do so and who don’t have the
       time or patience to read a big, long book about
       leadership. There are a lot of leadership books
       on the market that speak about all different
       kinds of leadership. But no book to date takes
       all of the most important aspects of leadership
       and summarizes them in 50 statements.
       An important underlying theme of Boehlke’s book
       is that we each have an innate ability to be
       leaders and to develop leadership skills. What an
       absolutely inspiring message to give readers.
       Most people believe that they can’t be leaders-
       that somehow they need to learn certain skills to
       be leaders. But this is not the case. As Boehlke
       says, “Leadership is becoming who you are.”
       Therefore, all you have to do is be yourself and
       you can be a leader.
       I would recommend this book to anyone who is
       struggling with the issues of low self-image and
       self-esteem. They will be pumped to try new
       things and to do the best that they can, because
       they will feel like leaders. Its been a long time
       since I read such a motivating book that is so
       full of wonderful advice. And it is all clearly
       expressed in the 50 statements contained in the
       Thus, we can all be leaders. All we have to do
       is believe that we can be.


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