Posted by: irenesroth | March 8, 2011

Book Review, First on Blogcritics

 Article first published as Book Review: First Generation White Collar: A Practical Guide on How to Get Ahead and Not Just Get by With Your Money L. Marie Joseph on Blogcritics.

       First Generation White Collar:
       A Practical Guide on How to Get Ahead and Not just
       Get by With Your Money
       L. Marie Joseph
       Joseph’s book is very important for our current
       financial times. We are overburdened with debt and we
       can’t seem to see our way out of it at all. The only
       real way for us to conquer this epidemic is to change
       our relationship with money, and Joseph’s book will
       help any diligent reader achieve just that.
       Many of us are first generation white collar
       workers. We come from a background where our parents
       didn’t have a university education, and didn’t have
       professional jobs. Yet, even given the fact that they
       were predominantly low-paid, manual labourers, they
       still were much more money savvy that we are by far.
       They never were in debt, and they always paid cash
       for everything. They waited if they wanted to buy
       something big, and they had a savings account.
       We, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. Most
       of us are living from pay cheque to pay cheque. We
       don’t save any money and most of us are seriously in
       debt. Seventy percent of us can’t pay off all of our
       credit card debt every month, so the interest and
       debt is eating all of our extra income. What isn’t
       going for household expenses is going for credit card
       debt. We need to do something about this deplorable
       Joseph’s book will give the reader a comprehensive
       step-by-step guide to get out of debt and to start
       saving money. I think this book is a must read for
       all young adults who are heading to university. It is
       important for our generation of kids to realize that
       although they have made great strides in their own
       careers in that most of them can go to university,
       their financial futures are at a crisis point.
       So, if you find yourself deep in debt, it is time
       to reclaim your financial future and to change your
       relationship with money. After reading Joseph’s book,
       you will learn how to spend less and save more. You
       will learn how to take care of your needs before your
       wants. And, therefore, many of you will have to
       rethink your wants because most of them are media-
       driven and empty cash guzzlers.  

        Reviewed by Irene S. Roth




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