Posted by: irenesroth | February 4, 2011

Book Review for Stories For Children Magazine

 A wish and a Prayer
By Beth Bence Reinke
4 RV Publishing
Ages 4 to 8
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Irene S. Roth
For Stories For Children Magazine

Synopsis: This is an enchanting book about a boy, Jason, who has a pet parakeet. Jason loved to let Sonny, the parakeet, fly around his room as often as he could. However, on one particular morning, Jason’s mother came in to clean up his room. When she opened the door to shake out the mat, Sonny flied out the window. Jason looked for him everywhere, but there was no sign of him. Jason was devastated and made several wishes for Sonny to come back home. But sadly he didn’t for quite a few days. Then, finally, Jason decided to pray that his little feathered friend was safe and would return, and his wish was granted.

Overall thoughts: This is a great book that has many messages for kids. One of them is the power of prayer. If kids can learn to trust prayer, their lives could be forever transformed. Also, there’s a lesson about the importance of perseverance and patience. Jason was patient, although he worried that Sonny would not come back.

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  1. Irene, thank you so much for the lovely review of A WISH AND A PRAYER. I hope that Jason’s story will encourage children to pray! :o)

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