Posted by: irenesroth | November 13, 2010

Book Review for The Muse Book Review

       Be the Noodle
       Fifty ways to be a compassionate, courageous, crazy-
       good caregiver
       Lois Kelly
       World Audience Inc., 2010
       Lois Kelly’s book is great for individuals who are
       caring for dying individuals, be they family members,
       friends or strangers. The ideas for the book started
       while Lois was taking care of her dying mother during
       the last three months of her life.  When Lois’s mother
       encouraged her to write down everything that was
       happening, she started blogging every night about it.
       This process helped to keep Lois sane and the family
       As time went on, Lois realized that her reflections
       may help others who are taking care of a dying
       parent as well. The title points to the unpredictability
       of the journey with a dying parent. The noodle refers
       to swimming noodles, those long Styrofoam
       swimming aids that are used to help people not to
       sink but to keep afloat. This is a wonderful metaphor
       for the book.
       I found the tips outlined in this book quite rivetting
       and inspiring. They reveal how hard it is to care for a
       dying parent. Yet her tips are encouraging and
       inspiring as well as humorous. Be the Noodle can be
       a lifeboat for individuals caring for a dying person.
       Rating: 5 stars
       Reviewed by Irene S. Roth

        Reviewed for The Muse Book Reviews


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