Posted by: irenesroth | November 10, 2010

High Tech-High Touch, Book Review

       High Tech, High Touch:
       Technology and Our Search For Meaning
       Nana Naisbitt and Douglas Philips
       New York: Broadway Books, 1999, 274 pp., $38.

       Although this book is over ten years old, it still sent shivers
       down my spine because of its accurate portrayal of the impact
       that technology is having on us. It presents the most accurate
       portrayal of our consumeristic and technological culture that I
       have seen to date. I didn’t just read this book. I spent a few
       weeks studying it. And I think the reader might do the same.
       American culture is now broadcast through technology, from
       television, movies to music and the Internet and electronic
       games. We are living what John Naisbitt calls the
       Technologically Intoxicated Zone. This zone is a confusing and
       distracted state where we both fear and worship technology,
       see technologies as toys and quick-fixes, and become obsessed
       with what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’. 
       Technology is saturating American Society. By consciously
       examining our relationship with technology as consumers of
       products, media, and emerging genetic technologies, we can
       learn to become aware of the impact technology will have on
       our daily lives, children, religiosity, arts, and our humanness.
       This book cautions us to make the most of technology’s benefits
       while trying to minimize the overwhelmingly detrimental
       effects it has on our culture.
       I highly recommend this book to every reflective person who
       is wondering what to do about the impact that technology has
       on all of us. Please read this book with your kids too. It’s way
       too important not to share with them since they are our future. 

       Rating:  4 Stars
       Reviewed by Irene S. Roth


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