Posted by: irenesroth | November 3, 2010

Book Review for Booksneeze


       A Suitor for Jenny
       Margaret Brownley
       Reading Brownley’s book was such an enchanting journey for
       me. I just couldn’t put the book down. It was romantic with a
       Christian flare. Many Christian romantic novels tend to be on
       the slow side. But Brownley’s book was anything but. I was
       propelled to keep reading to find out what happens.
       The book is about three sisters Jenny, Mary Lou, and
       Brenda. They lost their parents, and as a result, Jenny who is
       the oldest sister, feels compelled to make sure that her sisters
       are protected in the future. So, they travel to a small Texas
       town to find the most eligible men for each of them.
       Can Jenny find the right husband for her sisters or do they
       have someone else in mind? Does Jenny think that any suitor
       will want to be her husband, despite her past since Jenny tends
       to have bad luck follow her wherever she goes? Only God knows
       the answer to these questions.
       I loved A Suitor for Jenny. Readers will be transported by
       the underlying moral message about forgiveness, both of
       ourselves and others. Only God can really forgive our sins, and
       there is no point beating ourselves up over things that happen
       to us. And God does indeed have the best plan for us. All we
       have to do is wait and be patient.
       I received this book from Thomas Nelson’s through, book reviewers
       program. The views in this book review are my own. I am
       disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s
       16CFR, Part 255.

        Reviewed by:  Irene S. Roth


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