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Don’t Stop Believing

711bIKU7EKL[1]Don’t Stop Believing: Our Journey With Cancer
By: Kasey Crawford Kellem

This is an important memoir for anyone who is caring for a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. This book is inspiring and courageous in the face of a disease that is very often relentless.

It is hard to live with someone who has incurable cancer much less take care of them with all of the ups and downs that cancer typically throws. It takes courage and perseverance as well as an incredible belief that this too shall pass. This kind of upbeat attitude and faith can make living with cancer much more bearable. And it makes it far easier for the family to face the impending death of the person who is fighting this journey with cancer.

Cancer can steal anyone’s joy. Let’s face it there is nothing good about the disease itself and how it robs an individual of vitality and well-being. However, if we could grow as a result of seeing someone endure the battle of this disease, we are truly blessed. And this is precisely what Kasey has done with honours.

The main purpose of this memoir has been to show individuals who are unfortunately afflicted with cancer along with their caregivers that despite the diagnosis, and the possible incurable nature of the disease, we still have the choice to either moan and complain all the time and curse the gods or embrace and celebrate the remaining days of our lives and treat them as a true gift. Kasey and her husband Craig chose to celebrate and believe to the bitter end.

Thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring book. I will pass the book along to all my friends who have cancer and are currently struggling because they are bitter. You are such an example of how to mourn with grace.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Posted by: irenesroth | July 27, 2015

Two Faces of Me

41lYEn+eDOL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Two Faces of Me
By M. L. Donnellan

Two Faces of Me is a must-read for all women who have doubted their self-worth. Let’s face it many women suffer from low self-esteem their entire lives. And, there is something about being an adolescent girl that makes one feel especially vulnerable, making it hard to overcome these feelings of inadequacy. Donnellan’s book will help any woman accept herself completely and stop comparing herself to every other woman.

We all want to be accepted and loved. And some women will do anything to be accepted because deep down they feel so inadequate. Yet, it seems that the harder we try, the worse we end up feeling about ourselves. Donnellan believes that each of us has two different faces that we show the world: the outer face that attempts to measure up to what we believe are the expectations of others and the inner face often based on how we really feel about ourselves. Sophie is a reflection of the inner me that struggles to see myself as God sees me, not as others see me, or even as I see myself.

Many women have a very critical Sophie inside. They see themselves as ugly, fat, unsociable, and unable to be loved by others. We want to look our best so that our appearance does not detract from who we really are, or who we really think we are. But no matter how hard we work on our outside image, our inside image doesn’t change. To really change from the inside and feel more adequate, we have to work on accepting ourselves. Donnellan’s book will help all women to achieve a much more loving stance towards themselves from the inside out.

This is a gem of a book by a woman who has felt the crippling effects of low self-esteem in her life but who is proof that every woman can gain more self-esteem and feeling more adequate about themselves by focusing on who she is inside and becoming who God intended her to be instead of looking outside of who she truly is to find comfort and self-esteem.

Thank you for such a GREAT and inspiring book! I wish I would have read your book when I was younger.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Posted by: irenesroth | June 26, 2015

Overcoming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking

Overcoming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking
By Matthew W. Miller

Matthew Miller’s wonderful book will educate as well as enlighten the reader about how to eat well and exercise if one is a diabetic. It is hard for most of us to eat right. It is far easier to eat fast and pre-packaged foods. And it is especially hard to prepare healthy food if we have a chronic illness, such as diabetes. But it is possible to do so by taking a few concrete steps and change a few bad habits.

Miller’s book presents tips for overcoming obstacles in diabetic cooking. His tips will also answer important questions that we may have about how to exercise even if you can’t use bar bells because we are disabled, it is raining or snowing, and it is too hot or cold outside. Exercise is very important for our health because it balances blood sugar.

In addition, The Activities for People with Diabetes section includes a healthy food and cooking word search and crossword puzzle. It is a unique way to learn about food and cooking. What is also unique about Miller’s book is that he includes Bible verses and resources for his Christian readers. There is also a section about where to get help if we need it.

Miller has Cerebral Palsy and yet he finds ways to eat healthy and exercise. So, we have no excuse not to eat healthy and exercise either. All we have to do is to change a few of our mindsets and habits. Miller dispels all the mysteries of doing this and makes it easy to follow his recipes. Thank you for such a GREAT and inspiring book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Posted by: irenesroth | April 29, 2015

A GREAT Book for Women and Adolescent Girls


The Little Girl Inside: Owning my Role in my Own Pain
By: Tonya Barbee

This book is a must-read for all adolescent girls and women. It is a treasure throve of honesty and encouragement. Tonya’s heart-breaking honesty and sincerity comes out in every word that she writes in the book. Get ready to be amazed and learn a lot of lessons.

What woman hasn’t felt like Tonya has? I know her book speaks to me and I can now see how I made some of my key mistakes own life at key junctures. Yes, when you only listen to that little girl inside, she could lead you through pastures unknown, and most of them are wrong sadly. Perhaps this is because that little girl inside us is over zealous and hopeful. She doesn’t have a care in the world. She can’t think rationally and is completely enthralled by life. This is what makes her great, but when it comes to choosing the right spouse it could set women up for a life of misery and heartache.

Tonya knows hardship and she knows how to be hurt over and over again. She has been in several painful and futile relationships. But she learned so much about herself through this difficult process. I wish that things would be easier for women. But women are naturally intuitive creatures who rely on that inner voice which can be quite immature and hopeful. The trick is to balance that inner voice with the more mature voice that we experience. But it takes a lot of heartache before we can do that consistently, as Tonya shows in her very insightful and honest book!

Thank you Tonya for such a GREAT book! You have inspired me and showed me that I could learn from my pat mistakes and create the life that I deserve without abusive people in my life. We all deserve to have a happy life.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Posted by: irenesroth | April 18, 2015

Stupidparty Book Review

A1bpjFLqQRL._SL1500_[1]Stupidparty: Math vs. Myth
Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy
By Patrick Andendall

This book is for the political-minded reader. The book is detailed and the reader will learn a lot about the Republican Party. It is a book that I couldn’t book down because of how detailed and interesting it was.

One of the motivations for the book is the negative way that the Republican Party has been viewed by people lately. The party has unfortunately equated intelligence and education with being elite. They seem to believe that smart people look down on everyone else and especially the Republicans. In making such a comment, they devalue education and drive a division between two classes of Americans, those who are educated, and those who are not. Once that is accomplished, it seems possible to make being stupid a benefit and choosing emotions over fact. It seems that regular guys don’t believe in science. They believe in God and country instead not like the well-educated elites.

But these are all lies according to Andendall. In saying these things they have polarized this country into two classes. It seems that a madness and ignorance has taken over the party sadly. Andendall organizes his argument into the big questions the American people face such as, climate change, the economy, terrorism and so on. Each section gives a solid, fact-based commentary on the problems, and in each case he tries to undermine the Republican lies with facts. He even provides direct links to the sources so that it is simple for the reader to look them up if they are reading the book on a Kindle reader.

Andendall shows how easy it is to manipulate people. I find this truly sad as one would wish that people formed their own level-headed opinions on matters that are of central importance to their lives. But it seems that people are emotionally swayed, and sometimes the more outrageous the views that are advocated over the media, the more people are apt to believe them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I will be recommending the book to a lot of my reading friends and colleagues who are interested in political issues and especially the Republican Party.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Bahama Love

71Pw5lPV+mL._SL1000_[1]     This is a wonderful romance novel about the Bahamas with many important lessons along the way.  The book is written beautifully and will transport the reader into the Bahamas where it is very warm and passions run high.

The story is about an American Nathan Cooper and Riley Clark who both live in the Bahamas. Nathan’s family owns a multi-billion dollar resort company. However, one would think that life might be a tad easier if one had this much money. But it wasn’t at all. On the contrary, Nathan found that having this much money actually complicated his love life beyond belief.

However, what became even more apparent to Nathan is that as soon as women found out that he had a lot of money, they immediately thought that they had found their sugar daddy. This made any relationship with women very complicated and women ran to Nathan for all the wrong reasons. True love was almost impossible to find, and trust was constantly a thing sought but never quite found. Riley is a Bahamian career-driven woman.  Nathan and Riley meet on an airplane. She is a bank manager and she has many issues with love too. She needs to learn to trust before she could fall in love. Yet, Nathan doesn’t seem to be sending her the types of messages that she needs to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt. Yet, it seems that Nathan and Riley can have a great relationship.  Can they overcome their issues so that they allow the relationship to blossom into something long-lasting?

I love romantic fiction and read in this genre quite often. This book won’t disappoint if the reader is interested in this kind of story. In addition, it is a story that will capture the attention of every reader. And it will also encourage the reader to plan a trip to the Bahamas too. The Bahamas sound wonderful and a place that I will definitely put on my bucket list.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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In Pursuit of Truth by Greg Grandchamp

71vU8PiR+UL._SL1000_[1]This is a great book for the reader who wants to look beyond the here and now to gain meaning and peace. It is easy not to ask all the important questions in life, but the unexamined life is not necessarily a life that many of us would want to live. And this may be precisely why we are so unhappy a lot of the time.

Greg Grandchamp’s book asks the vital questions that we should all ask, “What is the meaning of life?” and “What is Truth?” These questions go to the very heart of who we are as human beings and our purpose here on earth. But we are told many lies by our culture. We are told that truth is relative that there is no real truth. But this precise idea is what makes our life unhappy and unfulfilled.

Many people look for truth and want to find it. But there is a big difference between scientific truth and Eternal truth. Scientific truth can be determined in the world by human beings. And because of this, scientific truths can be changeable and variable. However, the same isn’t the case for Eternal truth. Eternal truth is the only kind of truth that is unchangeable and we can say that it is a capital T truth.

But what is this eternal truth? The answer is in John 8:32 when Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” So, Jesus is the truth. Why is Jesus the truth? Jesus is the truth because Jesus is the son of God. He is the Messiah and the Savior of the world, offering forgiveness of sins and reconciliation. He is the only means through which reconciliation with God is possible. This is the path—the one and only path to truth and wholeness.

So, the choice is ours. We could either live in truth and happiness by making Jesus our Lord and Savior or we can go on living as if God didn’t exist and the truth didn’t matter to us. No one can force us to believe in this truth. But our life will be so much less fulfilling than it could be without knowing and living this truth.

Thank you Greg Grandchamp for such a wonderful book! You certainly will make the reader think of what is most important and true.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Posted by: irenesroth | March 31, 2015

Naked and Transparent

81P8VUjdrSL[1]Naked and Transparent:
Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships
Vladimire Calixte

Do you have fulfilling relationships?  More importantly, do you have a healthy, accepting, and loving relationship with yourself?  If you answered the above questions negatively, this book is definitely for you.

This is an important book for anyone interested in self-improvement and increasing self-awareness. It is inspiring and it will make you think long and hard about your past and where you are right now. Calixte leads the reader to reflect on how she feels about herself and how self-aware she is. Many of us live unconsciously. We allow the world and others to continuously manipulate us and sabotage our efforts at authenticity. After reading this book, we can learn how to become who we were truly meant to be by turning inward and looking at ourselves honestly and openly.

Being self-aware is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. The more self-aware a person is the more successful and fulfilled the individual is. Alternatively, the less self-aware a person is the less successful and fulfilled the individual is. There are many benefits to being self-aware.  When we are self-aware we are gain a better understanding of who we are, communicate better, understand our emotions better, and become authentic. This being the case, we can’t afford not to become more self-aware.

We are taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfillment. That is not the right way to look at happiness and fulfillment. Instead, we have to look within to see if we really accept and love ourselves. The more we accept and love ourselves, the happier we will be. Therefore, what we need is a paradigm shift in our thinking. We have to start to look within us for happiness and acceptance. Once we accept ourselves, we will be able to accept others.

The book is written in a style that will help the reader reflect on where she stands in relation to some of the key areas of self-awareness. I found the book very rewarding myself and will be going through the workbook section of it for a while. Some of the questions are very deep and will force the reader to probe deep into their past and into how they experience themselves and the world.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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A GREAT Book for Parents, Teachers, and Teens

915XF9EaYiL._SL1500_[1]Teaching Will: What Shakespeare and 10 Kids Gave Me That Hollywood Couldn’t
By Mel Ryane

This is a wonderful book for parents and teachers as well as teens. It is an inspiring book about how young people can flourish in the least likely places and how setting up a drama club could change the lives of youngsters forever.

At first glance, before I started reading the book, I wondered how Shakespeare could be relevant to kids. But as I kept reading Mel’s book, I realized that it is not only possible that kids could actually learn a lot of important lessons while reading Shakespeare that they could take these lessons with them to the playground and life in general.

Mel wanted to find a way to introduce Shakespeare to w bunch of unruly kids at a school. As she starts a club of unruly actors, she is brought to her knees by a bunch of kids who are initially not in the least interested in what she has to offer. However, as Mel persists in her agony, they all start learning some important lessons.

Teaching Will is an important book for any teacher who wants to start a drama club with the kids. She cautions the volunteers not to have initial high hopes for her kids but to persevere. Only then will amazing things happen, as was the case in her drama group. These kids learned some lessons that will never forget, and they touched Mel’s life in ways that are indescribable.

Thank you Mel for such an engaging and wonderful book! This book should be relevant to teachers, and especially retired teachers who want to keep working with kids and helping them, but who don’t quite know why. The more readily we can engage kids and keep them away from all the dangers that lurk in modern culture and society.

Mel was a professional actor during her teens and Canada. Then her career took her to New York City and theatres across North America. She then studied how to coach actors on major studio projects and she was accepted into the Directing Workshop for Women at the prestigious American Film Institute. However, these kids that Mel worked with taught her a lot more than Hollywood did in the end. How wonderful and inspiring!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Mo Kasti’s Book Review


41lsVcdofmL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_[1]Physician Leadership: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation

By Mo Kasti


This is a very important and inspiring book for all physicians, medical staff and healthcare leaders. It can also be used as a resource for how to develop physicians into physician leaders.

The medical system in the United States is facing a financial crisis. The current healthcare cost structure is unsustainable and something must be done to reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care. And the media doesn’t help because it is filled with pages and pages of stories and misinformation about prescriptions to healthcare, which is only harming the healthcare industry even more.

At the same time, physicians are burning out and retiring early. Other physicians seem to be leaving private practices and joining larger systems, making it difficult to assimilate into the new environment and culture. Today’s medical education still falls short of equipping physicians with the necessary skills to succeed in the new healthcare world. In addition to clinical skills, physicians need to be taught leadership, organizational skills, business acumen, collaboration and empathy, alignment with the organizations goals and values, and ultimately cost effective patient care.

One of the chief problems that healthcare organisations face today is a lack of physician engagement and alignment. Physicians who are the lifeblood of healthcare have a tendency to shy away from leadership. Many believe that their goals are merely centered on treating clinical problems but not to engage their peers and lead the healthcare transformation. The danger is that physicians who should be in the vanguard of this transformation are in danger of being relegated to the sidelines. Absent their leadership, healthcare transformation will fail to materialize or resemble at best a patchwork of temporary solutions driven by short-term thinking.

Mo Kasti’s powerful physician leadership model demonstrates the necessary foundational competencies required to be developed by physicians including: leading with purpose, leading with strategy, leading self, leading people, and leading for results. But physician leadership need not be complicated. According to Mo Kasti, Physician leadership is a role that provides purpose and vision to inspire, engage and influence people to collaboratively deliver tangible results. So, there is a difference between a physician and a physician leader. Physician leaders must treat a shift in thinking from autonomous care providers to collaborative, team-based care providers.

This book explains the genesis of the creation of the ground-breaking Physician Leadership Institute, highlighting the symptoms facing physicians and healthcare organizations, provide a solution through a physician leadership model that defines, measures, analyzes, improves, and verifies leadership evolution. Mo Kasti shows how physician leadership marshalls the forces of change to make a difference in performance and outcomes in healthcare organizations throughout the country.

In this book, Mo Kasti invites us to imagine an optimistic future of healthcare—powered by physician leadership. Change is possible by helping physicians develop the leadership skills needed to make our health care system feasible and the best that it could be. The first step is for physicians to be open to this mind shift.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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