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Book Review: The Neon Jungle by Tim Smith

This is another wonderful and engaging romantic suspense story by Tim Smith. It is a story that is gripping and tumultuous. It is a book that will engage you from the first word to the last.

Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens have found a great place to get away from the CIA. Who wouldn’t want to get transported to a neon jungle in South Beach Florida? It is a laidback community which has a lot of wonderful qualities that would make it enticing and even entrancing. But for how long can they really escape?

The music industry in this Florida Keys neighborhood is anything but quiet. There is a real dark and sinister underbelly to it. Jimmie Rae, a popular singer in this neighbourhood wants to free himself from Turk Morgan, a crooked music giant who controls the whole entertainment industry in the Miami region.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Jimmie’s girlfriend, Felicia is under Turk’s control and he needs to free her from him before its too late. To do so, Nick has to go undercover. How long can he keep his pretenses up?

There is also an underlying love story in the middle of this wonderful tale. It is a love that knows no boundaries and that is intense and authentic. I just love stories like this!

This is a story that I will be reading and rereading over the fall months. I always love Tim Smith’s books. I have read quite a few of them. And this one didn’t disappoint.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Book Review: The Pakistan Conspiracy by Francesca Salerno

This is a great spy, political thriller. It is story that you will want to read until you get to the last page and last word. You will hang on every word and every plot twist. It is so intense it will make you want to read more even when the story is over.

Salerno is a master storyteller! She draws the reader into the story, and you will wonder what will happen about the Palestinian terrorist Yasser al-Greeb. You will even want to try to guess. Further, Salerno has a lot of knowledge about the cities that she writes about. I never visited Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Russia, and Israel. But I know more about these places now.

The story is about Kate who lives in the American Embassy in Pakistan. At one point, Kate’s life takes a very unexpected turn in May 2011. After the exchange that results in Bin Laden’s capture and killing, The Foreign Minister is unhappy. In a strange twist, Kate becomes an unwelcome person because of her lack of involvement in the Bin Laden capturing and killing.

With Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda wants revenge. In a quick and vortex-like set of events that will leave the reader scratching his head, Kate discovers something very dangerous. Al Qaeda apparently bought a 17-kiloton nuclear weapon. What’s worse, this massive weapon is portable putting everyone on edge. It can destroy everything within a mile’s radius of detonation. The weapon is so destructive that it can destroy most of New York City proper.

This situation makes Kate go on a journey like no other around South Asia. However, she is caught without any protection to save her. She then becomes braver than ever and continues to fight for what she believes in.

This story is layered and nuanced in such a way that you never know what is coming on the next page. It is a story that will make you think, introspect, and even wonder about Kate’s future. The story is credible and real even though it is written in the third person. It is a story that will stick with you for a very long time after he reads it.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Book Review: A Brush With Fate by Sila Long

This is a captivating and wonderful erotic romantic suspense story. It is a story that I couldn’t put down. The plot was quick, and the characters were as diverse as they were unique and authentic. I just love a story like that. And I especially love suspense stories that have an erotic and romantic tinge like this one.

Sila Long creates a story of love, passion and intrigue through the jealousy that is interweaved into the story. Where there is love there always seems to be some jealousy or other. But this jealousy really resonated with me through the characters and the plot.

The story is about Brook Jacobson who is forced to reweave her life after being consumed with grief after the murder of her husband. There are so many unanswered questions, as there are with most murders. She was trying to cope as a widow and dealing with all the negative emotions and profound sadness that such a situation brings on.

However, when her fate took an unprecedented turn towards something that she never would expect in a million years, she was wondering why something like this happened. She was thrown into an unreal world with Isaac Cole, a mega film star. Isaac is captivated by Brook’s many wonderful assets such as her intellect, beauty, warmth, and her strength of character given all that she went through. This made her sexually attracted to him almost immediately.

However, this sexual attraction is tainted by Isaac’s life long problematic love relationships and problems with monogamy. It poisoned what could have been a great relationship with Brook. But love is blind; so, Brook falls completely in love with him. However, he cannot commit to their relationship for any length of time. Isaac is a very independent and well-established person. So, he always gets his way.

This story weaves a modern-day romance. Not too many people commit wholeheartedly to anyone anymore. But the story is so much more than about a romance. It is about two people coming together at a time when they need each other the most. I can’t wait to read the next book!




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A Well-Crafted Murder Mystery by Tim Smith

The Other Woman–A Vic Fallon Mystery
By Tim Smith

This is a well-crafted murder mystery. The characters are real and believable. The plot is quick-paced and full of subtle and not so subtle twists to make this story a mesmerizing read.

This mystery has an imbedded love story. The story is also set during Christmastime, a time of goodwill. Yet, this story takes many turns away from this serene scene. Suddenly, Former cop Vic Fallon is thrust into a complicated murder investigation that is hard to unravel. There are far more questions than answers in this case.

All Vic really wanted to do is to return home to Sandusky, Ohio for Christmas after his last assignment. But how did Vic get a US Senator to ask him to deliver a Christmas card for him? Why didn’t he mail it himself? Why does the recipient react angrily when she finds out who sent the card? Further, why is the FBI looking for Vic? What did he do wrong? Why does a police detective arrive in his hometown asking him questions about a killing he knows nothing about? If this isn’t enough to unravel, Vic is also involved in a romantic relationship which results in a really awful holiday for him.

The Other Woman (Vic Fallon Book 4) has all the elements of a good story. It has an intriguing plot, attention to detail and best of all a well-thought out character development. The characters are at once complex and yet very authentic. There is also a lot of well illustrated scenes that will make the reader feel like he is right part of the story. This for me is what makes a mystery so juicy to read and digest. This one really made me think.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed By: Irene S. Roth

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A New Book by Paddy Bostock

By Paddy Bostock

In this wonderful political fantasy story, Paddy Bostock is back with a book that is unforgettable and mesmerizing. It is a book that I couldn’t put down, once I started reading it.

It is a story that most of us can relate to. We all get bored with our lives, regardless of what profession we are in. And sometimes, we feel that we have to make fairly big changes just to have a little bit of bliss and freedom. Jeremy Crawford wants to live a life that he chooses and not one that is handed on by others.

In this story, Jeremy Crawford seems to have it all. He has a great life as a very wealthy banker. But he feels that something is missing in his life. He no longer wants to continue as he did for many years, living someone else’s life. He wants to live a life than isn’t mediocre and dull. He wants to be able to do other things of his own choosing.

It’s hard to believe that Jeremy would want to pursue something as different as politics. But he does. Much like our world, the world that Bostock has created in his book is just as out of control as ours is currently. But how can Jeremy resolve his need for freedom and autonomy through the world of politics? It seems that these goals do not cohere with each other, until we read Bostock’s story.

I loved the story from start to finish. It is honest and raw. And it highlights the need that we all have as humans to be recognized and free. This story is so powerful that it may just make the reader want to reflect on his own life and make some small and/or big changes. I’d love to thank Bostock for yet another great story! I can’t wait to read your next book!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Arcadia’s Children 2:
The Fyfield Plantation
By Andrew R. Williams

This book is a sequel to Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s revenge published this past year. This book is a wonderful sequel to the first book in the series. And Tarmy and Samantha return too!

This is a great story. Once, Mick Tarmy finds himself in a situation that takes his breath away. It isn’t his fault that he finds himself in this situation. But it is what it is and now he has to deal with it or he will be in even more danger.

He is still carrying the burdens of a deceased criminal and outlaw. He is hated and loved by people around him. This is a combination that makes his life really hard to get his mind around. And it is dangerous at every turn both to him and his loved ones.

However, the people who hate Tarmy have evil schemes hovering in the background. They would like to kill him so that they don’t have to see him anymore. They don’t even care how many people that Tarmy cares about and loves get hurt in the process. But most importantly, they are also after his daughter, Amanda. This is something that he can’t fathom and put up with. So, the tension is at its highest at this point in the story drawing the reader even more deeply into the narrative of the book.

Tarmy starts to take all of these hardships quite personally, and he falls into a deep melancholy. However, he cannot allow himself to resist fighting because Samantha is hovering in the background ready to pounce and make the situation even worse.

I love Williams’ way of creating plot lines within plot lines. He is a master storyteller, someone that any writer might want to emulate because of the depth, breath, honesty and sincerity of his writing.

I loved this story from start to finish! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends who love thrillers. I can’t wait for his next book!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Box of Butterflies by Roma Downey

I read a most magnificent book a few weeks ago that I would love to share with you here.  It is one of these books that really make you appreciate life more than ever before.

The title and book cover caught my eye when I was visiting my library in early June. I was in the middle of reading a few books. So, I actually waited a while to read it. However, when I finally got to read it, my summer was completely renewed and restored with the peace and tranquility of a box of butterflies. How wonderful can that be!!

Roma has had her own share of ups and downs. Her Mom died when she was very young.  It took her a long time to come to terms with the death and to move on. But she did through God’s grace. This was a very reflective time for her.

Life has been quite tumultuous for her. But she always had hope and peace in her heart–despite all the trials and tribulations of her life. Butterflies have always been a reminder to her of God’s constant presence in her life, even in the darkest of times. I can certainly agree with Roma.  I also love butterflies, and I find that they transport me to places not yet seen.

Although Roma misses her mom daily, she believes that she will see her again one day.  These butterflies almost remind Roma of her mom. They are signs of God’s goodness in the world. This book sure was a box of butterflies for me. I will contact the author and tell her how wonderful her book really was.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired to look beyond our material world to a world that is beautiful. And it is in the small moments–like a butterfly landing on a flower, that we can regain that tranquility in our world and heart.

Thank you Roma for such a wonderful book!  This is the best book I read so far this year!!

Irene S. Roth

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Book Review: The Adventures of Joyful John

The Adventures of Joyful John:
John Rides His Bike
By Elizabeth E. Williams
Illustrated by Jasmine Mills

John loves to ride his bike. His bike and his teddy bear are his companions as he discovers new adventures in the world.

He has so much joy and energy as he takes on the adventures of the day.

During his bike ride, he explores the neighborhood by visiting a dog, picking up rocks, swinging in the park, smelling flowers, and so much more. And the entire time he has a cheerful smile on his face.

This book will help kids look at taking a bike ride as an awesome time for fun exploration. It will help them see the beauty in the simplicity of life. Joyful John will teach your kids that every day can be an adventure if you allow it to be!

With the challenging times that kids can encounter today, the positivity and fun in this book will fill an important gap in children’s literature.

I loved the book from start to finish! It made me smile, and it gave me a lift. We can all learn how to be happy and have fun. The earlier we do, the happier our lives will be.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Book Review: Now With You, Now Without You

Now With You, Now Without You
By Kathryn Leith Scott

This is a book about loss and how to go through the grieving process. Although, the book reads a bit like a memoir, it has the substance and depth to help everyone who is grieving.

When we are grieving, we can collapse into a bottomless pit or we can try to cope from the devastating loss. Kathryn chose to try to cope and even thrive in spite of all she went through.

The book takes the reader through the journey through Kathryn’s husbands’ terminal illness and how it was so important for her to make every last moment special with her husband. The couple decided to travel the world. It is a feat that no too many would take. But, it is a process that is courageous and hopeful.

When the time comes to face her husband’s Geoff’s inevitable passing, the voyage she had begun with the man she loved did not end. Kathryn continued on across the world. Through her grief, guilt, and coming to terms of the many things that happened in their lives, their adventure helped her find the way back to her new life.

This book is a celebration of life and how to cope with death. It is about cherishing the many priceless moments that make a life time. It is also about the courage to move forward. This story is for anyone who has suffered loss. It is a firm reminder not to waste the moments that make a lifetime in the here and now.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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Book Review: Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge

Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge
By Andrew R. Williams

This is a very captivating sci-fi fantasy story that will keep you reading until you have finished the last page. The story is one of a kind. You will want to read more. But alas the story will be over.

Williams’ sci-fi fantasy story has many intriguing twists and turns which will easily captivate your attention from the beginning. Williams portrays an exciting and adventurous story of alien invasion in a vivid and convincing way.

In addition, the characters are drawn with amazing credibility, depth, and integrity. If you’re looking for an action packed, sci-fi fantasy adventure that’s packed with courage, bravery and heroism that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, this book is for you.

Further, the story had every element a good story should have. This amazing story has an exciting plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There’s also an abundance of well-illustrated scenes that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the story in another worldly place, far away from the here and now.

There is something very magical about reading fantasy fiction like this. It helps us imagine worlds that are quite removed from our own and some of the possibilities outside our realm of the normal of here and now. And this story did exactly that for me.

This is the first book in the series. I can’t wait to see what Andrew Williams comes up next. I’m sure he’s creating it as we speak.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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